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This is the first one. The most common hallucinations I experience are shadows moving around in my room; on the walls, the ceiling - everywhere, even when I close my eyelids they might still be there (that's why all the shadow beings, as I like to call them, are surrounded by red in this picture). You can see a pair of eyes near the top left in this picture, which is also something I see frequently whenever I close my eyes. A few times it's happened that I've seen faces of people I've never met or seen a photo/picture of. They just… kind of flash by my inner sight and it always happens so quickly that I soon forget how these mysterious people look like.
Under the eyes is a spider. I'm actually not afraid of spiders, but still these shadows appear in my room. In the middle is a group of people. I don't like crowds, and these people always seem to be staring at me. Close by to the group of people is a tiny bird, which might have something to do with the fact that me and Mary talk about birds a lot (or maybe more like she talks about them while I listen with interest). And to the far right seems to be a wolf or fox or some sort of canine.


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