Can You See The Words

Some officer, or agent, or whatever you want to call the uniform, came by and tried to question me today.
I was "on my way to work" - he said they'll gladly be back soon.
I'm starting to feel sick again. I probably shouldn't have gotten rid of all my medicine.
I shouldn't have made friends.

Can You See the Words is a tumblr blog.
It was initially a collection of literature quotes, photographs, and links to songs — all dealing with water, rain, and floods. The writer then began alluding to some kind of problem bothering her and linking to songs about monsters, or being stalked.

After this, the blog segues into a somewhat more orthodox personal blog, and the writer is revealed to be a female art student who was suddenly transferred from the Alabama School of Fine Arts to Princeton. Whatever that problem is, it persists. However, she's been seeing a doctor and taking drugs to deal with "trauma".
She refused to elaborate on her ordeal, insisting it would only make things worse and that she didn't want any newcomers getting sucked in on her conscience. All the while, readers continued to pry about the paintings visible on her webcam videos — one of a foggy wood, another of a pale-faced man in a tie and shirt.

It eventually comes to light that the writer is connected to another group of people with the same problem — she was friends with the girlfriend of one of the three creators of a YouTube fitness series. And to make matters worse, she's gone missing…


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