Dreams In Darkness

I'm an arrogant bastard of a nerd, and I have a bad habit of thinking I'm always right. I obsess over stupid things. Greatly appreciate intelligent thought. Overimaginitive… Self-loathing.

The blog of Damien O'Connor, a proud nerd living with his roommate and childhood friend, Ted. The blog begins as his 2010 college courses have ended for the year, leaving him with his summer job at a department store. Said job would be practically unbearable were it not for the girl of his dreams, Amelia, being a coworker there. Damien eventually built up the courage to ask her out.

Ted, meanwhile, had gotten interested in some strange meme that has something to do with a "slender man" and "marble hornets" after hearing about it at a gaming convention. Damien is introduced to the whole phenomenon by his roommate and, despite finding it pretty scary, takes a strong liking to it.

Little Damien know that this supposed internet joke would have terrible repercussions for him and his friends, or that this urban legend would bring back haunting memories from his past.


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