What's up, Hybrids?

Alright now, since this is a documentary of our real investigation of our real situation, um, I wanted to put this in here, I wanted to put this in this video and, uh, explain to whoever might be watching this at the end that… that um, I personally think that it's bullshit how we're just sitting here waiting and just beating around the bush about this shit. Clearly this is not just some dickhole messing with us, clearly this is not just some man in a suit. This is something soooo much worse.

A series of Youtube videos based around The Slender Man Mythos.

The series is centered around three young men - Vince, Evan and Jeff - who set up a fitness and exercise video-blog, in which they discuss the best ways to exercise, the best things to eat and the best ways to defend yourself from anyone who attacks you.
Vince and Evan do most of the talking while Jeff is their camerman.

While filming, they begin to realize that there is something more to their fitness videos and that a little prank may have been taken too far.

Jeff's brother, Alex, also has his own YouTube channel in which he posts videos relating to the main EverymanHYBRID story.


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