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A blog kept by a young man named Logan.

One of his friends, whose name is Matt, was going to Iraq in February 2009; so, as a parting gift, Logan gave him a black, moleskin notebook.

However, Matt is caught in an ambush in early July; he survived, and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He came back to America and spent the remainder of his days in a mental hospital, dying on July 30th, 2009. On August 5th, Logan received the same notebook, discovering some frightening things.


A part of The Slender Man Mythos, and almost certainly the inspiration of the numerous blogs based on the myth.

The blog began only a week or two after Marble Hornets's start, and is one of the most popular Slender Man blogs. You can find the first post here and the first mention of the notebook here.

This ARG officially ended in January of 2010.


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