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I asked her about it, and apparently this “Slender Man” is some meme I’ve missed out on. Marble Hornets is a YouTube series about it. Evidently, Slender Man (or “Slendy,” as Vi kept referring to him, which I must say, made it hard to think Rose could find it scary. She went on to say that Slendy is better than his other nicknames: “our slender friend,” “Mr. Thin,” “Mr. Happy,” and “That Tall Skinny Motherfucker Over in the Bushes.”) is a creeper who follows his victims around, makes them super-paranoid (and gives them a wicked cough, which I just don't see the point of) and finally either kills and guts them or just…disappears them. The only thing that she said that really freaked me out was that he goes after kids. That is just not cool, not even a little bit.


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