Marble Hornets

''A little bit down the road we saw this really tall guy standing in the middle of the street, just completely still. For whatever reason, this really set off Rocky, and, um, he got really scared — he wouldn't move and he kept on pulling on his leash to go back home. There was something about this guy that was just…strange.''

Marble Hornets is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), following discoveries made while looking through raw footage of a trite student film.

In 2006, film student Alex Kralie began work on his first feature-length film. Titled ''Marble Hornets/" it was about a man returning to his childhood home after a lengthy absence. Kralie and his friends were rather excited about working on it.
After two months of on-and-off shooting, Kralie suddenly canceled the project, claiming it to be due to "unworkable conditions." Jay, his friend, asked him what he was going to do with the tapes. Kralie replied flatly to "burn them."

After much arm-twisting, Jay persuaded Kralie to at least give him the tapes, to which Kralie agreed under the condition that they were never mentioned to him again. Kralie transferred to an out-of-state school, never speaking to Jay or anyone else again. Jay, spooked by Kralie's comments, filed the tapes away and forgot about them. Until July 2009.

While reading a thread on SomethingAwful about The Slender Man Mythos, Jay was reminded of the tapes and inspired to look through them. He sat down and started watching the hundreds of unmarked tapes. After some time watching the tapes, Jay realized that there was more to Alex's paranoia than he had earlier thought.

Jay started uploading any interesting footage he could find to a YouTube account under the username Marble Hornets. A Twitter page to chronicle his findings and provide in-between commentary and updates was added some time later. Since Entry #9, he's noted a guy under the username of totheark responding to each entry, adding a whole new level to the the story.

The project is currently on hiatus after the first "season" of-sorts has ended. The creators would ''like'' to continue the story, but doesn't want to rush into it and fall into the problems that usually plague similar sequels.

Season 2 may be coming soon, as photos were recently posted on the official Twitter page after months of inactivity.

Cast and Crew

Writer Alex Karlie
Director Alex Karlie
Producer Alex Karlie
Cameraman Unknown/Varies
Brian Brian
Tim Tim, Alex Kralie1
Sarah Unknown Actress


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