Seeking Truth

I'm not one for making blogs. If the guys in my department found out that ole' Zeke Strahm was pouring his heart out on a freaking online journal, then any credibility I've ever had to being a male goes right out the window. Ironically, it was my partner- who happens to be female- that suggest I keep this up. You see some cruel things being a detective; keeping a journal of any kind was cheaper than seeing a shrink for your feelings. I'll do it, but I don't expect to be all emo or whiny on here.

A side-story from The Slender Man Mythos, detailing the story of Zeke Strahm, a detective in New England and his grapples with the many-armed man of terror. Something of a fan favorite, despite its short lifespan.


A blog kept by Zeke Strahm, a police officer. His partner, Lizzie, encouraged him to create his blog shortly before they got assigned to a case involving a young girl going missing. It was possibly a kidnapping, but the evidence suggests otherwise — her mother's an alcoholic, so Zeke believes that the girl had ran away from him for a bit and that she'd come back.

Later on, the girl's mother starts talking about a notebook, the girl was really attached to it although Zeke waved it off as something that young artists do. When the mother's hangover kicked in, and Zeke went upstairs with Lizzie behind him, finding disturbing images drawn on her walls.


Seeking Truth's Blog

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